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Layout manager

Hello, Everyone!

My first post to this community, so please be kind:)

So, I am searching for a simple layout manager for my dialog based application. I estimate there will be a big number of dialogs in the application (and to this point the specification is not clear in details).
I'd prefer to layout the controls in Java way, i.e. to have a container (pane) where I would be able to pack controls and layout them with flexible configurations (box, grid, etc..).
On Windows i have to draw each dialog with explicit coordinates, this is another approach of making a fixed layout. Recently, in .Net they allow to do anchoring and provide some sort of a layout manager, with docking and anchoring. All I want to have a very lightweight analog for my Windows application. I do not need heavy cross platform solutions and all-can-do solutions, like TCL, wxWindows, etc. All I want is to have a simple set of classes, preferably in C++ template style, in a small number of files.

There should be a simple way to arrange the controls within the container programmatically. The main constraint is to have a lite and powerful set of existing classes so I won't need to reinvent the bicycle.

Does anybody uses something like that already?
Thank you.
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